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US Congress passes Resolve Tibet Act

The US Congress has passed the Resolve Tibet Act that will strengthen US efforts to push the Chinese government to resolve the longstanding Tibet-China dispute through dialogue with Tibetan leaders.

More than 100 European election candidates pledge support to Tibet

In a groundswell of support, over 100 candidates from 16 European Union countries committed to supporting the Tibetan people in the European Parliament ahead of the recent 2024 European elections, which took place in early June. About 25 of these candidates were elected.

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Buddhist Association of China takes a leading role in China’s attempts to control and forcibly reshape Tibetan Buddhism

Report Summary This report shows how the Buddhist Association of China (BAC), a supposedly non-political organization, is becoming a key instrument in the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy to assimilate and transform Tibetan Buddhism – particularly in relation to the search for and recognition of reincarnate lamas. The BAC has a special Tibetan Buddhism Working Committee […]

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